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Mobility is changing.  ​Are you?

As the world accelerates towards a sustainable future, innovation in EV charging is propelling us towards a greener and more efficient transportation ecosystem.

With faster charging speeds, enhanced efficiency, connected devices, bidirectional charging, smart systems, and scalable infrastructure, electric vehicle charging is revolutionising the way we power our EVs.

We are passionately committed to making the experience more convenient, sustainable, safe & seamless.

Innovation in EV charging is not just transforming the way we charge our electric vehicles, it's shaping the future of transportation itself.

We are ready to shape the future of mobility! 

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We work for our customers trying to create high quality products with features they didn't know they would want. 

We look for individuals coming together & committing to values that lead to great work. We want our people to not join us, rather add to us. Explore the opportunity if you like high impact work. 

Talent attracts talent! 

Reach us at hr@scharge.co.in

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The future of EV charging.