The most CPO friendly EV charging 

suite of products 

Fully integrated technology stack

SCharge provides a complete EV charging stack with fast DC chargers, AC type 2 chargers and smart sockets for 2W. We understand electricity well and can help provide a full stack approach to CPO's including design and electrical sizing solutions.

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Full stack

We provide a full stack platform along with OCPP software, hardware, and API's for 3rd party integration. Due to our full stack approach we are better able to support CPO's.

We understand EV charging

Due to our integrated approach and background in energy management, we understand the internal protocols, software stacks, industry specific intricacies making our products more reliable.   


Both Quality & Cost

Our products are designed and manufactured in India for the world. Our focus on cost control without compromising quality has been the key differentiators for our customers. 

CPO Friendly

Our developers have made the solution to be CPO friendly simplifying reconciliation, management and use. 

Maximise ROI

We understand our charger and high CAPEX items and therefore the products are designed to defer future CAPEX and increase ROI.  


Included Energy Management

EV charging is a business of selling and dispensing electricity. Solutions like ours have integrated energy management which helps in energy use reconciliation. 

We are on a mission to make EV charging reliable, safe & efficient