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Our Charger Management Platform (CMS) connects most EV chargers to the cloud to manage, maintain and monetise the investment and improve utilisation.  

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A platform made to improve charger utilisation

Our platform is optimised to increase the utilisation of your EV chargers. Our low fee structure helps keep your costs down.

Our simplified charger management system makes EV charging straight forward. We have only one goal in mind - the user satisfaction.

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Quick Setup

Fastest error free setup for new account creation

Roles & Account

Manage your users and account that best suits your workflow 

Locations & Groups

Group chargers for fast and easy management 


Create flat or variable tariff for one or a group of chargers  

Promotion & Coupon

Run promotions and discounts to increase utilisation


 Coming soon.


Manage user RFID access for fleets and user groups at apartments or work locations

Plug & Charge

The best in class charging experience with plug and charge for a seamless interaction

Realtime Status & Alerts

Get realtime status of your charger with notifications 

Energy Management

Integrated energy management for quick consumption reconciliation

Demand Management

Load demand management solution to increase sanctioned load utilisation.  chargers only

Closed User Group

Compatible to manage semi-public scenarios for a closed user group e.g. a family, apartment complex users or users at work

Offline Charging

No internet available? Still commercialise chargers seamlessly with our offline solution

 chargers only


Compatible with OCPP standards i.e. Hardware manufacturer agnostic

Fleet Management

Manage spend and charge sessions by your drivers and cars with analytics & reporting

 chargers only

Advanced Diagnostics

Advanced diagnostics data logs available

Payment Gateway

Receive payments from app users with our integrated solution


Dedicated help & support to minimise asset downtime


Get reports and analytics to increase charger utilisation, income, peak demand and network uptime

Remote Firmware

Manage your chargers firmware to always stay up to date.

Charge at Home

CMS is pre-customised for all housing society, RWA, & RHA use cases

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Charge at Work

Ready out-of-the box solution for EV Charging at Work 

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