Getting started

Getting started 

Learn how to get your charger ready for your first use.

In the box
  • A1 Type 2 EV Charger
  • EasyMount Wall Bracket
  • EasyMount Gun Holder
  • Drilling Template
  • Screws & Allen key
  • One Time Setup PIN (8 Digit)
  • 2  nos of SC RFID Keychain

Installation & configuration 

Learn how to install your charger.

  • Find a location with power rating as per your charger
  • Use the drilling template provided to drill holes on the wall and install the EasyMount template
  • Install & Power-up the A1 Type 2 EV Charger. Now your charger is ready to be configured
  • Download the SCharge app by scanning the QR code on the A1 Type 2 EV Charger
  • Switch on your Bluetooth on your phone & configure the A1 Type 2 EV Charger by adding the powered-on device from the Add Device menu and follow the guided configuration process
  • Ensure you update your A1 Type 2 EV Charger to its latest firmware
  • Configure the RFID tags provided with the A1 Type 2 EV Charger via the app
  • Congratulations! Now you are ready to use the A1 Type 2 EV Charger

User manual

User manual for use of your A1 Type 2 EV Charger explaining the features and user interaction functionality.

Coming soon...

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